The Birinci Group, which wants to continue its success in different sectors in the retail field, has taken the first step in retailing by signing a distributorship agreement with the famous department store ESSE in its own branch in 2014. Birinci Retail, founded by Tekin E. Birinci, has taken Chakra‘s distributorship rights in 2016 and continued to coexist with brands with big names in their fields.The Birinci Retail is the Cyprus representative of world brands such as Delonghi, Kenwood, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Bambum, Kitchen Aid and offers it to the service of our people together with Esse-Any stores. Thanks to these collaborations, which enable the foundations of the Birinci Retail to be laid, the Birinci Group will produce pots, pans, glasses, etc. under the name Any in 2016 and at the same time, retail sales of its own brand established. The ANY brand, which was launched with the slogan ‘Anything for home’, succeeded in exporting to many countries including Morocco, Hong Kong, Libya and Turkey in 2017. In the year 2017, the name of Esse Shops merged with ANY brand and changed to Esse-Any.  It provides the best service to its customers with 6 stores and nearly 40 employees. In 2018, Birinci Retail agreed with ALTINYILDIZ CLASSIC‘s to become the distributor for Cyprus. This step is the first step of Birinci Group in the textile retail. The Birinci Group, which has agreed with the leading in the fields, is developing their name with these powerful brands. Additionally, Birinci Group is taking over the management of ‘PERI‘ souvenir shop in Kyrenia which was established in1955. Through these investments, Birinci Group is continuing to provide the best services to their customers. Birinci Retail made its first mark in the Turkish retail sector in October 2018 by opening a branch of its very-own ANY store in Turkey’s most famous shopping centre, the ZORLU CENTER. The Birinci Group aims to similarly continue investments and expand influence in Turkey in 2019.



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