Corporate Responsibility

Our understanding of contribution to society

Growing and developing day by day with the strength we receive from our society. Our Group focuses on education, culture and art in social responsibility projects with the principle of adding value to our society and being with them every step of the way while carrying out social responsibility projects. As one of the biggest supporters of these fields in our country, we are working to bring our society to a better tomorrow. With the Meral Tekin Birinci Education, Culture and Sports Foundation, the Birinci Group provides unlimited support to education, culture and sports and it is not only working in these fields but also in health and environmental issues dynamically.

Meral Tekin Birinci Education Culture and Sports

Education, Culture and Sports Foundation was formed by Tekin Birinci, Meral Birinci and their son in 1990. In 1992, with the death of Meral Birinci from the founders of our foundation, the name of our foundation was changed to Meral Tekin Birinci Education, Culture and Sports Foundation. The aim of our foundation is to provide education opportunities for successful young people who are in need, together with adding values ​​to the sports, health, culture and many other areas in our society.

Our foundation, which has provided scholarships for many students until today, has also provided scholarships to hundreds of young students especially with the agreements made with universities operating in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is still continuing to provide these scholarships. The Birinci Foundation which has provided help and support in the field of sports has contributed to the World of sports in North Cyprus by helping with the building of sports facilities. Today many investments such as sports facilities in Gülenyüz Nursery School, tribunes in Yeni Yüz Yıl Nursery School and cantine in the Bayraktar Secondary School were made by our foundation.

Due to the fact that there was not a single cinema hall from 1982 to 1995 in the Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), on January 13, 1995, in the forefront of Ertan Birinci, the first cinema hall of TRNC was formed and immediately afterwards we had the pleasure of bringing our people together with movie theaters and cinema culture by opening cinema saloons all over the TRNC.

In order to overcome the short of cinemas in our country until 1982 up to a certain extent, our Foundation lead the way to something new and organized International Film Festival in TRNC on May 17, 1997. In 1997, we transferred our cinema halls, which we have established as a cultural and artistic service, to the companies that trade, with the reason for the start of commercial competition, and we are still proud of our existence with such an important service provided . Our foundation has also contributed to the publisihing of important books. Ahmet Tolgay’s ‘Cinema History in Cypriot Society’, ‘Cinema Alphabet’ and Fatma Azgın’s “Our Woman” was printed and presented to the service of our people.

In addition to these, we have made important contributions especially to the Girne Akçiçek State Hospital with vehicles, in the construction of the buildings and in providing new equipments in the health field. Nowadays we are providing material and spiritual support to people who are in need of treatment and have important diseases within the bounds of our possibilities. We have provided and still provide help to many health organizations, (heart, cancer and many disease-fighting organizations) with the income we generate from the organizations we make as a foundation. We have also contributed to our police force as a foundation by providing cars.
Our foundation is still supporting many students to study and we are making a lot of contributions to our society besides our fields. Since the first day we were founded, our goal is to be beneficial to our society. For this reason we work in a dynamic way as a Foundation.The president of our foundation is Ertan Birinci.

Our Social Responsibilities

Since the establishment to today the Birinc group supports Social Responsibility projects with the aim of leaving a beautiful world to future generations. The Birinci Group has undertaken many projects in the name of afforestation in the direction of its own brands.Finally, taking the responsibility of the Boğaz Picnic area, we undertake the protection of the area with the slogan ‘clean environment, green world’.
The decor of Küçük Kaymakli roundabout which is located in our country is also undertaken by Cyprus Genç TV which is our own brand. As the Birinci Group, we work with our full power and know our responsibility for a green World.

Strong Cyprus with Strong Woman

The Birinci Group, which supports all aspects of social responsibility projects with respect to social equality, believes that our women are indispensable values ​​of the business world and work with the utmost in it. With the aim of drawing attention to “Violence against woman” with our press organs we are broadcasting numerous Tv and radio programes to make our women feel that we are on their side. In addition to this we support and publish the activities of all public spots or non-governmental organizations related to our activities at the same time. With the principle of ; “If our women are strengthened, we will be exalted “ the Birinci group, is trying to put into practice the social responsibility projects on social equality .